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Action over Accomplishment

October 3, 2023

Why I focus on ACTION over ACCOMPLISHMENT 👀 

1. Action breeds clarity & confidence

2. Our actions are in our control, external results are not 

3. We can change our actions to meet our goals and needs 

4. A focus on action  helps you stay motivated 

5. Actions allow you to take baby steps, outcome lead to overwhelm 

➡️ I’ve talked about this a lot lately, but this audio just nailed it. 

This is why I don’t focus on goals *first* 

People often come to me wanting to set [and finally accomplish] goals. GREAT. 

But first: 

1️⃣ What is the vision you have for your life [a question that normally scared people off, but I have a solid process to help you get clear, quick]

2️⃣ What parts of that vision have you already made happen, can you practice gratitude and celebration for that? 

3️⃣ Okay, your goals, how are they moving you closer to that vision you have for your life? If they’re not – they gotta go. 

4️⃣ NOW let’s set goals and focus on YOUR actions toward that goal, not the final outcome. 

💡 want to learn more? 

Join my FREE monthly goal setting workshop where we will focus on my Intentional Goal Setting Framework ™ followed by live coaching around your goals for those who attend live. ⬅️ to grab your spot



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